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This gentleman mouse about Bath is called Arthur. He had set his little alarm clock to wake him up so that he didn't miss the last overseas post before Christmas ... but his alarm didn't go off! Arthur has many mouse cousins all over the world that he doesn't want to disappoint. He is in such a rush though that he has forgotten to change out of his pyjamas!


Arthur mouse stands at roughly 16cm in height to the top of his soft brown top hat. around his neck flies a hand knitted and wired green wool scarf with holly sprig detail. wrapped in his tail is a brown paper parcel wrapped up in string. Held in his hands are a miniature wooden walking cane and a wicker shopping basket on wheels. The basket is brimming with parcels and on the top sits his alarm clock. Arthur is made from 100% British wool and has black glass bead eyes on which sit his gold rimmed glasses. There is a Wild & Wool fabric label sewn in.


Sorry Arthur mouse is not a toy and unsuitable for children under 12, due to possible choking hazards. 


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Arthur mouse

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