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Good King Mouseslas and his trusty badger friend Stephen are braving a harsh Winter's day, journeying to deliver food to the food banks in his kingdom this Christmas. King Mouseslas believes in the good in humans and knows that if we all pull together and each take responsibility for our planet, the people and wildlife in it that we can be optimistic about the future. 


Good King Mouseslas is approximately 17cm in height and 14cm in width. Stephen badger is roughly 9cm in height to the top of his wine bottle and 10cm in length. King Mouseslas wears a royal cape that ties round his neck with a rose gold ribbon. He wears a small metal crown and holds a miniature bottle brush Christmas tree in his tail. clutched in his hands are a bundle of sticks for Winter fuel. This mouse is made from 100% British wool and he has black glass bead eyes. He has wire armatures in his legs and arms to make him posable. There is a Wild & Wool fabric label sewn in. 

Stephen badger is also made from 100% British wool and has a hand knitted red wool scarf tied round his neck with holly leaf detail. Stephen carries a small basket on his back which holds a miniature bottle of red wine and two loaves of bread. He also has black glass bead eyes.


Sorry Good King Mouseslas and Stephen badger are not toys and unsuitable for children under the age of 12, due to possible choking hazards.


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Good King Mouseslas & Stephen badger

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