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The poppies and their wonderful sculptural seed pods in my garden have been the inspiration for this vase stem piece. The four poppy seed heads have been wet felted and needle felted then sewn into to create the recognisable stems and their leaves. The poppy flower head is made from !00% wool felt and has been hand painted to achieve the subtle poppy markings. Standing on his little toes atop the tallest poppy seed head is Mulberry mouse. he has been needle felted using various British wools. The five individual stems have been tied together with jute string and the piece works best if placed in a bottle neck vase which will hold it upright and in place. The wool piece stands at approximately 45cm in height by 22cm wide. There is a Wild & Wool fabric label sewn in.


Sorry this poppy & mouse piece is not a toy and unsuitable for children under 12, due to possible choking hazards. 


© Wild & Wool Ltd

Mulberry mouse in the poppies

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