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Who doesnt love a blousy Peony? In Western folklore, Peony root was enveloped in a shroud of mystical attributes. It was believed to ward off evil spirits and protect against misfortune. This felt bloom would make the perfect gift for sending well wishes to somerone special.


This Peony stem is approximately 29cm in length and made from 100% wool felt. Each petal has been hand coloured to give a more naturalistic look. Perched on the petals is a small tortoiseshell butterfly which has been needle felted using various wools. The butterfly is attached to the peony. This piece looks lovely displayed in a bottle neck vase where the wired and hand stitched leaves help balance and hold the piece in place. There is a Wild & Wool fabric label sewn into one of the leaves.


Sorry this peony is not a toy and unsuitable for children under 12, due to possible choking hazards. 


© Wild & Wool Ltd

Peony stem with small tortoiseshell butterfly

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