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Stanley snowman would look lovely displayed on a mantelpiece, shelf or table setting for Christmas and over the Winter season. Stanley is a large wool sculpture and stands at approximately 40cm in height and 24cm wide from the tip of the robin's tail to the edge of his arm. He is roughly 30cm in depth from his back to the edge of his Christmas tree. Stanley snowman has been needle felted solidly for longevity. He wears a black felt top hat with a duck egg coloured velvet ribbon, embellished with a hand stitched holly leaf. Around his neck is a hand knitted, striped wool scarf with a tiny snowflake button. He has black glass bead eyes and black buttons on his body. In one hand he carries a needle felted Christmas tree embellished with various cream beads. on Stanley's other arm sits his robin friend Percy. Percy wears a red silk ribbon round his neck with a tiny sprig of holly. there is a Wild & Wool fabric label sewn into Stanley.


Sorry, Stanley snowman is not a toy and unsuitable for children under 12, due to possible choking hazards. 


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Stanley snowman

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